How well are we (really) doing?

At PDQ, we are proud of our customer service and the fact that over 98% of our customer recommend us however, whilst we have always been happy to plough our own furrow without necessarily worrying about how well or badly our competitors are doing, we have always kept a sleepy eye on what is going on out there – who is selling what, how long it takes and who has the most property for sale.

Last week, we were offered a free trial of a patented new piece of software that claims to give us (and our competitors if they choose to use it) the inside knowledge of what is REALLY going on in our local market. My naturally nosey estate agent interest aroused, I signed up for the trial.

I have now been playing with the software and analysing just how we compare to our competitors in numbers of customers homes sold, how many properties each agent has on the market in total and how long it takes to sell those properties. It makes interesting reading and, whilst  it’s very early days of the trial yet, the initial data seems to back up what we have been saying for years… those agents who have the most houses for sale aren’t necessarily the most efficient at getting them sold!

I’m also very pleased to note that our market share is increasing quarter on quarter with more and more customers choosing to sell (and actually selling) through us.

Sadly we are forbidden from publishing any data until we sign up to the service so you are going to have to take my word for what I am saying here or, sign up for the service yourself . However, I am going to play and fiddle with this new toy for the next couple of weeks and will report back on progress. Initial reactions are that some of the data appears to be patchy, it could do with being more user-friendly in some areas and, it’s too early yet to see if we will be signing up to it or, recommending it to our consultancy clients however, I am impressed with its potential. I will keep you informed…

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