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Don’t gamble with the sale of your home

In the current market, a property that sits on the market for months often won’t be viewed by potential buyers who view it as ‘stale’ or ‘unloved’. After all, if it has been sat unsold for months, there MUST be something wrong with it, mustn’t there?

Whilst you may think that most agents are much of a muchness and so, selling times or sale prices are unlikely to vary significantly across the area in which you live, according to the independent website* there is a huge variation in the time it takes to sell a property in Helston, Penzance and Hayle/ St.Ives in this tough climate.

The best published median selling time for an agent across all of the major towns in West Cornwall is 75 days by PDQ; a whole 6 months faster than the areas worst.

The agent taking the most published time to sell property has a median selling time of 256 days. That’s almost 9 months waiting to sell! Interestingly, the same agent fares quite badly in Helston and Penzance as well: 245 and 196 days respectively.

When selling, bear in mind that lots of for sale boards does not automatically mean that the agent is any good at selling. Many have contracts that tie you into using them for months (looking some of their selling times, you can understand why) and, looking deeper at the figures, you can see that, in the main, the agents who have the most properties sell a proportionately smaller percentage of them. In simple terms, a small, highly focussed agent can achieve much better results for their customers in terms of sale times, price and customer service, than an agent whose main goal is their own company’s turnover and board presence.

To sum up; a quick sale is not the be all and end all but, one that takes months is definitely to be avoided.

  1. Take your time to research three agents to invite out to give you a valuation and, to present how they will market your property effectively.
  2. Only choose an agent who understands your particular needs and who you feel comfortable with and trust with the sale of your family home.
  3. Read the contract all the way through BEFORE you sign and, if you are unhappy with part of it or, don’t understand anything do NOT sign until you are happy
  4. Read the contract (I know I’ve said it above but, I can’t overemphasise how important this is).

Good luck with the sale of your home


Boring stuff:

It should also be noted that there are a number of agents with no published median sales times.

Data taken from on the 13th of February 2013

* Helston data –      Short link       long link below
* Penzance data – Short link                      long link below
* St. Ives data –       Short link                     long link below (TR26)