So who fancies a jolly to one of Cornwall’s best family beaches on August Bank Holiday Monday?

#ImGoingToCornwall #Twitter

So who fancies a jolly to one of Cornwall’s best family beaches on August Bank Holiday Monday?

St, Michaels mount. Picture credit

In one of my mad moments, I thought it would be great for as many people that I know on Twitter, that can make it, to take a well-deserved weekend off and have a good catch up down in God’s country on one of the UK’s safest beaches, with St. Michaels Mount as a backdrop. Interested?

This isn’t a formally organised event, so there won’t be stands or sponsorship deals or any other corporate (small ‘c’) nonsense but, I hope everyone will be able to get together, swop stories, catch up, enjoy themselves and, perhaps, make some new friends and business colleagues’. Please bring a picnic, a pasty and some sun-cream (fingers crossed)

The location I have picked is the Penzance end of Marazion beach at Longrock as it is dog friendly, has parking next to it and, is within a level (it is flat) walking distance of Penzance train and bus station (1.5 miles – Google maps not ‘estate agents estimation’)

Pirate Day on St Michaels Mount

High tide will be in the early morning on 26th of August at Longrock, ensuring a full day on the beach for those who want it but, it is also the day of the famous Newlyn Fish festival which is well worth a visit and a good back-up location if the weather is unkind. Anyone bringing children will discover that St Michaels Mount is holding its ‘PIRATE DAY’   “A day of swash-buckling surprises, sea-faring adventures as well as tales from the deep” 

Picture credit /

I’m hoping everyone will bring their friends and family’s as Cornwall is very family friendly. St. Michaels Mount, “the jewel in the National Trusts crown” is also a must see whilst you are down.  Marazion and Longrock beach is about two miles of almost flat sand so any children will have a great time. If you aren’t a dog lover, the dog free area of the beach is just a few yards past where we are meeting so everyone can be on the same beach with those they love and still be part of the ‘event’.

If you need accommodation, take a look at my twitter list for West Cornwall. There are plenty of local hoteliers and holiday home owners on there who will be happy to help or, give a shout out on Twitter using the #ImGoingToCornwall hashtag but, book early! This is West Cornwall on a bank holiday weekend.

If you have an idea or a suggestion, please mention it on Twitter @PDQProperty using the hashtag #ImGoingToCornwall If you are planning on attending, please add your name and how many people will be coming with you to the comments section below, thanks.

As I have said above, please remember this is NOT a formal, organised event; it’s just a load of like-minded people agreeing to meet up for a jolly. I’m happy to give advice whenever possible but; how you get here, what you do and where you stay once you are down here, is your responsibility. Please subscribe to this post to ensure you receive the latest updates and News



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