What’s the property market in Cornwall doing?

LR Data August 2003 to September 2013 volumes

Sales volumes in Cornwall 2003 to August 2013

Average property prices in Cornwall 2003 to August 2013

Average property prices in Cornwall 2003 to August 2013

Since 2003 the average price in Cornwall has seen an overall drop, with a particular dip in 2008. What has followed since is a steady recovery of both prices and confidence across the Duchy.

Volume sales, though, have been far more erratic. Whilst the graph clearly shows the traditional peaks and troughs of the familiar selling periods (with the Christmas period being the quietest time of year) volumes are still a long way off what could be regarded as ‘normal’ let alone a ‘boom’.

In simple terms, we have a good stable market in Cornwall which is showing a steady recovery. This can only be good for buyers and sellers.
Will the Help to buy scheme cause a bubble? It seems highly unlikely but, it may well help local first time buyers who can afford to pay the mortgage but can’t afford enough to save for a deposit; finally get their feet onto the housing ladder.
Chris Wood
PDQ Estates Ltd

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About Chris Wood: Chris is an estate agent with over 25 years of property experience. His business, PDQ Estates Ltd is based in Penzance and Helston, West Cornwall. He has worked with all sizes and types of businesses from single office independents to the management team and board of RBS and Tesco. A former President Elect of the NAEA and board member of NFoPP until he resigned in 2009, Chris has always championed the highest professional standards for estate agents in the UK. No stranger to the media, he has appeared on various programs including BBC, News 24, ITV, independent and BBC radio and is a regular contributor to trade journals, local and national Newspapers. Chris is on KloutLinkedIn Ecademy Facebook and Twitter Married to Amanda, they live in Penzance with their children who are slowly flying the nest, along with their three spaniels. In his spare time; Chris likes to keep fit and is a long-standing member of the Territorial Army. In 2010 he mobilised for a tour of duty in Afghanistan with 1 Rifles as part of 3 Commando Brigade.


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