Are you rocking the latest home trends?

Guest blog for PDQ by Angie Elliott of Vintage Home Living

dresserMoving house is usually the time when we take the opportunity to have clear out. It has become almost customary nowadays to make ‘piles’ of our unwanted goods according to their destination;  charity shop, recycling centre etc.

We begin to imagine our possessions in our new home and part with those that we don’t think will  ‘make the grade’ with a view to buying new. Of course, giving to charities is very worthwhile. However, according to GOFA; In 2007, a study carried out by The Furniture Re-use Network (FRN) found that 10 million reusable items of furniture are sent to landfill by local authorities every year – almost 30,000 items every day!

Now in 2016, we are all becoming more aware that we do not have a finite ability to keep adding to landfill, together with a greater appreciation for long-lasting well made goods that will stand the test of time. Of course, the economy has helped to drive this, as purses are pinched, people look for cheaper furniture.

Previously, the flat packed fitted the bill. Once you’d chosen from a limited range, a Sunday afternoon spent with screwdriver, a cup of tea and a vocabulary to make your Grandmother blush would conclude with a blister on the palm of your hand and a shiny new piece of furniture that told the neighbours you’re trendy. However, a few years down the road, the toddler trundles and pooch paws soon saw to our manufactured board constructed piece, as it made it’s way to the recycling centre, having been crammed into the back of the family hatchback.

We then begin to long for something that will not need to be replaced in a few years, rather like the furniture that Grannie proudly left us. Of course, at the time, we already had shiny new furniture, so we consigned Grannies Welsh dresser to the back of the garage or shed to conveniently store half used pots of paint, only to be taken along with the said pots to the recycling centre before moving day.

There also comes a time when our personal taste matures and we favour items that make us feel comfortable instead of fashionable. Our buying choices may prefer that which is equally as cheap, but made well enough to last a few decades, future Grandchildren and just maybe, become something to pass on to them.

It makes sense to us then, to buy quality second-hand furniture, which, along with the recent introduction of furniture paint is allowing us to have quality furniture at a price that suits us, in the style we favour and in any colour or finish that we choose. If we want, we can paint it ourselves, no expletives required and the paintbrush hasn’t caused bodily harm! And guess what? We’re also rocking the latest trend!

Written by Angie Elliott

Vintage Home Living


(Photo copyright Vintage Home Living)


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