What value do you put on good advice and integrity?

First published on LinkedIn.

A couple of years ago, I was asked to provide some property advice to a lovely lady on an old timber chalet situated at the end of a quiet lane near the beautiful Rinsey Cove

As so often happens on this type of appointment, I was asked by the owner to take a look at a small overgrown field a few yards away which they thought was probably worthless and wondered if I knew of anyone looking for a good sized allotment or similar or, if I wanted to take the field off their hands for a nominal sum.

I declined the very tempting offer and instead, to her surprise and disbelief, advised her to seek planning permission for the land; which she subsequently achieved.

Two years ago, my advice cost that lady nothing more than a cup of tea. Today, PDQ is offering that ‘worthless’ plot for offers in excess of £150,000* and have a number of local buyers and builders already interested.

I can’t promise me or my award winning team will find everyone a £150,000+ building plot tucked away on their deeds but, since 1989, I’ve been giving honest advice to property owners across West Cornwall and, since 2001, I’ve trained and led a team of fantastic people (including a fair few who are now competitors of mine) who share my ethics and high standards. I may not be as financially well off as some agents I’ve known over the years but, I sleep well at night and, with thankfully few exceptions, my customers kindly recommend me to their friends and family and, as in this case, come back to me with their business too.

*After strong interest and best and final offers, we eventually achieved a sale price of £177,000 for our customer. As of today, 31/1/2018, we have another similar story where an owner is about to secure planning permission for a portion of their garden which will most likely net them over £100,000.

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