2018 sees my 30th year of estate agency and my 18th as PDQ Estates Ltd. I had always planned and hoped to pass on the baton of my business to a new person who shares my passions for customer service, honesty and integrity, who would be able to continue the reputation I’ve built and drive it forward in their own way. Unfortunately, whilst there is an outstanding person who fits that description, events have meant that they are unable to commit at present and so, sadly, that is not to be.

Whilst I will continue to look after my clients who have accepted offers subject to contract, on their homes, through to completion I am recommending that all of my remaining and any new customers contact Theresa James at PRH in Penzance, one of the few agents I hold in the highest respect in the area and who I have known since school as an honest hard worker and excellent agent.

As with any major decision, there are a multitude of reasons behind this one. My other business, Ocean3D, has been doing rather well of late and is likely to take up more of my time with, hopefully, some major contracts in the pipeline and I do not feel that it is fair to my current or new customers to reduce my focus on them for my own gain. I also want to spend some time working with the charity that helped me and hundreds of service personnel affected by operations like me, Turn To Starboard

Additionally, I have made no secret of my depression and PTSD, and estate agency is possibly one of the least conducive careers for anyone who needs a relatively stable, lower stress form of employment. The current market conditions and thirty years of fighting with lazy solicitors, ‘computer says no’ call-centre lenders, over-zealous surveyors, incompetent estate agents in chains and a small, but significant, number of buyers and sellers who believe they can lie through their teeth or change their minds with impunity despite causing incredible distress and cost to everyone around them have taken their toll. My family and friends have been urging me to get off the roller coaster for some considerable time and it is high time I acted on their wise and well-meaning advice.

A HUGE thank you to my colleagues over the years, with very few exceptions, you have been great to work with, hard-working, incredibly loyal and incredibly tolerant. We shared good and bad times and it was great to know you all.

I would also like to thank all my customers who have invited me into their homes, trusted me with what is usually their largest asset, more importantly, their family home and gone on to recommend me to so many other people. Thanks also go to the many buyers of my clients’ homes who have been such a joy to meet and share a few weeks or months of trials and tribulations with as they move home and, despite having negotiated hard with, have still gone on to recommend me and my colleagues to others. It has been a privilege and an honour to have been able to work for you at what is often one of lifes’ most stressful times.

I have also worked with some superb lawyers, surveyors, mortgage advisors, mining and structural engineers, surveyors, estate agents, journalists and many other service suppliers who have put up with my unconventional approach, ‘humour’, been excellent at their jobs, occasionally sought my views and opinions and, many of whom I regard as close friends. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a privilege and an honour.

Whilst PDQ Estates Ltd is ceasing trading, as an individual, I am not going away from the property industry entirely. Most of my 30 years in agency has been spent both within the NAEA/ NFoPP and without, working for a change in the way we convey property in England and Wales and the enforcement of laws designed to protect consumers and law-abiding agents. I’ve racked up a few small successes in that time, but there is more to do and some big fish to fry!

Thank you

Chris Wood CertREA, CPEA (i,ii)


PDQ Estates Ltd


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